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I haven't really posted in awhile

2015-04-10 23:27:03 by Oashki

I just didn't feel like it, I mean since the chat vanished off of the face of the earth, I sorta just felt the need to fall away from the site and everything.

I've been composing lately, and being my church drummer, and singing at church as well.

Never really was much of a believer, but that never really mattered to me. A question of faith is irrelevant to me, I just want to live my life being happy, and whether that's serving a supreme deity or something else, I don't really care.

There are several transgender users on newgrounds, and I'm friends with one of them.. but also I am one of them.
I never felt comfortable as a dude, and I hated my sex organs for a long time (I still struggle with that anyhow..)
I'm just a personality which is more inclined to estrogen than testosterone; whether this makes me a dude, or a girl, or an inbetween, does not concern me, because it just matters to me that I'm free to be how I am, and dress how I like.

Not even cispeople can fit neatly into a gender box, so it's really just overall harmful to berate yourself for not being girly enough or for not being sufficiently boyish. People are just people, and my gender is very much just a trivial thing to me. The only thing I wanna see, is that people are attracted to people, not to gender constructs.

I miss a lot of you guys, including @TheMajormel , @RandomRoarness , @BoredLooney , @Gagsy ,  @KillerSkull , @MykeiXWolfe , and even you @Jay .

But if I miss anyone the most, it's probably @BrazilianNinja , he was the best internet buddy an internet buddy could be.

Good evening homies.


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2015-04-10 23:31:28

Glad to know I'm your trans friend. I miss the chat. :(

Oashki responds:

Of course you're my trans-friend you lovely adorable delightful multifaceted and supportive girl.
I miss it too :/


2015-04-10 23:33:47

Glad to see you around, I miss the chat as well. Glad to see you're embracing your gender identity.

Oashki responds:

You know it homie. *hugs* You're ill, just so you know :) .
Like in the good way XD


2015-04-11 06:01:04

I've wondered what you've been up to, I hope all is well.

Oashki responds:

Likewise homie, *does uber complex secret handshake you can't follow* I learnt like a bunch of music theory to do with timing and chord construction and so now I'm writing on a pretty regular basis :p
I saw like a "modern games suck" rap you made or something awhile ago XD I hope you've been having fun with your gaming stuff and music as well, should def catch up sometime, maybe watch2gether it or whatever :)


2015-04-13 01:02:57



Oashki responds:

Hey Mel XD
I hope you've been doing alright. Did you ever finish the game? Or at least are you making good progress on it?
Miss chilling with you and the other homies in Synchtube.


2015-04-13 21:50:41

Nice to see you too, Oashki. :)

Oashki responds:

Likewise to your likewise ;p
I hope you've been alright Looney, it was fun hanging with you also in the days of chat and synch.
Stay fresh as always, I hope you're still a total #1 fan of basically everything you like XD the world needs more fun dorkiness like that. :)


2015-04-15 21:49:00

Arcade Quest aint finished yet,but i hope to get something playable out... its not being made in flash anymore and development s done in love2d instead. Im trying to get a prototype out before the end of the school year. When the prototype works, thats the first step to really getting the game done.

But damn i really miss hanging out with you guys, it was great fun times

Oashki responds:

Awesome :) I can't wait for you to get it finished. Also, it doesn't have to just be a distant memory in the past, we can all organize some watch2gether hangout or whatever again, in the future. Just lemme know ;p


2015-04-17 08:50:33

Glad to hear from you dogge, whenever you need us we'll appear like the ninja turtles do. Got cho back homie!

Also as a sidenote, the new login design had me scared from signing in for a while .0.
Finally had the guts to login a moment ago.

Oashki responds:

I can understand why, I mean, anything new is frightening :p
So wait, whenever I need you, you'll come popping out of a sewer grate?
I wonder if a fear of change is a legitimate phobia..