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I haven't really posted in awhile

2015-04-10 23:27:03 by Oashki

I just didn't feel like it, I mean since the chat vanished off of the face of the earth, I sorta just felt the need to fall away from the site and everything.

I've been composing lately, and being my church drummer, and singing at church as well.

Never really was much of a believer, but that never really mattered to me. A question of faith is irrelevant to me, I just want to live my life being happy, and whether that's serving a supreme deity or something else, I don't really care.

There are several transgender users on newgrounds, and I'm friends with one of them.. but also I am one of them.
I never felt comfortable as a dude, and I hated my sex organs for a long time (I still struggle with that anyhow..)
I'm just a personality which is more inclined to estrogen than testosterone; whether this makes me a dude, or a girl, or an inbetween, does not concern me, because it just matters to me that I'm free to be how I am, and dress how I like.

Not even cispeople can fit neatly into a gender box, so it's really just overall harmful to berate yourself for not being girly enough or for not being sufficiently boyish. People are just people, and my gender is very much just a trivial thing to me. The only thing I wanna see, is that people are attracted to people, not to gender constructs.

I miss a lot of you guys, including @TheMajormel , @RandomRoarness , @BoredLooney , @Gagsy ,  @KillerSkull , @MykeiXWolfe , and even you @Jay .

But if I miss anyone the most, it's probably @BrazilianNinja , he was the best internet buddy an internet buddy could be.

Good evening homies.

I partied

2014-01-02 05:32:38 by Oashki


Big college man ay? Aren't you supposed to be BETTER THAN ME!?

Yeah your body's the sea...

2013-12-16 06:21:39 by Oashki

That I wish to navigate, I would be the better qualities to your, three pronged fingertips, the k-9 nose in your crotch, I wanna watch you undress through the keyhole...


It goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on....


2013-10-08 19:06:02 by Oashki

You actually dream all the time, you just don't remember the- SHUT UP

The milkman? The paperboy? Even on tv?

Dean O'Bryan: Destroyer of Blork

2013-09-09 19:10:56 by Oashki

Today was not too shabby.

Dean O'Bryan: Destroyer of Blork

I took a shit in a bucket

2013-06-21 16:56:19 by Oashki

For the first time ever.
And then I practiced drumming way too hard for the concert tonight.


2013-06-13 23:57:28 by Oashki

"I spent 16 years with her. It was weird, I know. We spent all that time together, and I never posed the question. But in that time, we lived together.
The sex was wonderful. If there was a person who could pleasure, then she was the one. Sometimes, we'd go 3 times a day, whether it be in the bedroom or the bathroom. Sometimes, we'd get kinky with the lotion or shampoo.
Then, one day changed everything.
It was one morning, she woke up feeling cramped. I decided to help her downstairs. I guess I was a bit hungover from last night, because then, suddenly, I lost my footing. Both of us tumbled down the stairs, and I ended up landing on her at the bottom. I was fine, but she looked really bad, so we went to the car and drove off to the hospital.
We spent a long time at that hospital. She lay there, and I would lay there with her. We'd barely talk, but I could tell how she felt. Literally every bone in her was broken, and her entire body was in a cast. I could feel the pain. She said it was my fault.
Then eventually, she wouldn't talk to me anymore, and despite the time I took to tell her that it was just an accident, she wouldn't listen. This went on for a month. Then, I realized that I had to move on.
And that's the story of how I broke my right hand."

It was beautiful.